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Start working with BotNotify and send messages via WhatsApp REST API.
Make a chatbot and integrate WhatsApp with your systems: ERP,CRM, your app or website.

API for integration carimangsa

API for integration

BotNotify is a multifunctional API for WhatsApp And Best Tool for businesses and programmers, which can be integrated into any accounting system, CRM, ERP, or website to send messages, notify users, and much more.

Broadcast Messages carimangsa

Broadcast Messages

Engage with your customers use the BotNotify Platform. You will be able to attach photos, videos, and documents to provide more information, entertainment, and most importantly, increase customer engagement.

Auto Reply Chatbot carimangsa


Why do you need your own WhatsApp Chatbot? Enhance customer service, Establish a strong brand identity, Improve marketing campaigns. WhatsApp Chatbot and live chat solutions can do wonders for your online business.

Attach Image on Broadcast Message carimangsa

Attach Image on Broadcast Message

Make your message content more informative by attaching documents, images and videos. You can also combine the contents of your attachments by inserting documents, images and videos.

Custom Domain & Custom Logo carimangsa

Custom Domain & Custom Logo

Have WA Blast with your own domain & logo branding. Not only that, we provide a dedicated Cloud Server for each of our customers. So you have your data privacy space.

Custom Broadcast Scheduling carimangsa

Custom Broadcast Scheduling

Set your message delivery time. carimangsa will deliver automatically at the best time and hour you have set.

Group Clusters carimangsa

Group Clusters

Shape the division of space to manage different goals for your team. The Manage Clusters module can be very useful in separating Internal Users on different tasks and goals.

Send Unlimited Messages carimangsa

Send Unlimited Messages

Unlimited Bulk WhatsApp sender tools help save time and effort by automating the process of sending messages to a large group of contacts at once. It is an efficient way to engage with customers, clients, or members of a community.

Fully Customizable Message carimangsa

Fully Customizable Message

Make your message content dynamic by adding customer names, inserting videos, documents, and images. You can do this very easily.

Sync Contacts from WhatsApp carimangsa

Sync Contacts from WhatsApp

You can easily move contact data on whatsapp by entering all the contacts you have into the carimangsa system automatically.

Group Contacts Grabber carimangsa

Group Contacts Grabber

You can import all the groups currently available on your WhatsApp platform into the Carimangsa system automatically.

WhatsApp Live Chat Widget carimangsa

WhatsApp Live Chat Widget

This simple tool makes it easy for visitors to start a chat from your website or landing page using the WhatsApp Chat Widget button.

WhatsApp Link Rotator carimangsa

WhatsApp Link Rotator

Just one link for all your CS. No more duplicate links for all CS. You can simply use carimangsa's smart link feature. smart links will work automatically to manage your operator load.

Broadcast Status Monitor carimangsa

Broadcast Status Monitor

Monitor the status of every broadcast sent, whether it is successful, pending or failed. You can even view messages that have been read or unread.

Import & Export Contacts carimangsa

Import & Export Contacts

Input numbers manually or automatically using this feature. Just one click. You can also transfer your contact data into other forms such as excel or csv.

WhatsApp Link Rotator carimangsa

Customer Service Scheduling

Efficient scheduling lies at the core of successful customer service operations, ensuring the right resources are available at the right time to meet customer demands.

Broadcast Status Monitor carimangsa

Log Monitoring Tools

Log monitoring is the process of collecting, analyzing, and acting on log data from various sources.

Import & Export Contacts carimangsa

Media Assets

Assets folder is a folder for static files served from the server to the browser. These include images, files, videos and similar.

Communicate with Your Audience Through WhatsApp API

Reach over 2.1 billion users worldwide using WhatsApp business API.

Turn conversations into sales

Customers love the connection. Build that trust by engaging consumers throughout their buying journeys – and across the channels they love.

Build and engage

Capture the moment through information, automation and self-service. Now you can provide front-end FAQs, engage customers and authorise payments – all in-channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Meet the small business CRM that just works. Get started in under 30 minutes and build customer relationships for life!
BotNotify is a WhatsApp API provider and a gateway for working with messages. If you are looking to contact your customers via WhatsApp or build your own WhatsApp solution (whether it is a CRM/ERP system, a chatbot, or some other platform), BotNotify will be your perfect choice.
BotNotify performs quite many functions.You will be able to send all types of files and messages in WhatsApp, automatically create and manage instances, webhooks, set up event notifications …etc
We have prioritized stability and safety. On our part, we guarantee: - Good server uptime is 99.9%. - 24/7 customer support. - Urgently update service.
BotNotify does not have a limit as to how many messages you can send. We do not recommend sending more than 5K messages a day. But when you send bulk messages users Maybe mark your messages as spam which will lead to your number being blocked. So take care to send messages only to your clients only. And the messages should not be spam or annoying advertisements. The messages should be services (reminders - OTP - subscription - or any message the customer is waiting for ...etc

If your goal is to run and grow your business efficiently, BotNotify Platform can help! Fixed price no hidden fees, unlimited messages, no cost per message.

Start your free trial today. We have developed a flexible pricing policy.

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